Our New Normal
Reducing the risk of Corona Virus At The Sea Croft Bed Breakfast & Bar

Extra Administrative, Hygiene & Cleaning Processes

Updated September 2020

If you have a booking with us  or would like to book with us the following information is provided for your safety.

Prior to Check In

  • Payment is taken in advance of your stay by bank transfer or card to avoid the need to handle cash, confirmation and receipts sent by email
  • You will be able to register on line to prevent the need to do this on arrival
  • Choose your arrival time to prevent overlap with other guests
  • Guests are encouraged to provide their own PPE – face masks and hand sanitisers etc however, sanitiser will be available on site for guests use

On Arrival

  • You can message us or call us from the car park or use our regularly sanitised doorbell to notify us of your arrival
  • Staff will be wearing gloves and masks where required
  • Your temperaturewill be taken, those with raised temperature will unfortunately be refused entry and booking deferred
  • You will be given breakfast pre order menus (for the duration of your stay) and asked to choose your breakfasts in advance and a breakfast time from a list of available times. This is to minimise overlap with other guests. Don’t worry if you change your mind, so long as we know 24 hours before.
  • Alternatively for an extra tray charge we can arrange to have breakfast brought to your room.
  • You will be given your sanitised key 
  • You should notify staff at this point of evening meal requests and time slot
  • You will be required to scan the NHS Track & Trace QR code to register your stay with us
Your Room
  • Your room will have been cleaned to our own exacting standards avoiding cross contamination including the use of anti viral spays. Different cloths are used for different areas such as red for the toilet, blue for sink/showers and yellow for other areas. These are one use only and disposed of.
  • We may remove non essential furnishings and electrical items difficult to clean such as cushions and hair dryer and recommend guests bring their own for now
  • Remote controls for the TV will be sanitised and place in a bag.
  • Key touch areas such as light switches and other flat surfaces will be cleaned using anti viral sprays
  • Mattress protectors and pillow protectors will be applied to the bed freshly laundered for your stay
  • Staff will wash/sanitise hands and wear gloves, masks and clean uniform. Gloves will be discarded and fresh ones used as required between rooms. 
  • Guest books and magazines will be removed
  • Hair Dryers have also been removed
  • Unfortunately your rooms will not be serviced during your stay. You will be supplied with a number of bin bags and we collect rubbish from outside your door as and when required.
  • Should you require fresh towels these too may be placed inside a laundry bag outside your door and will be replaced.
  • It would help control the spread of the virus if guests could strip their own beds and place in laundry bags for collection on departure
On Departure
  • Guests departure is 10.30am
  • All housekeeping staff will be in uniform and PPE
  • Our linen is washed at 72 C at a commercial laundry. All staff there including delivery staff wear PPE and laundry is bagged and returned after a week. This allows any virus risk to be alleviated as far as possible. On return the laundry is stored in our laundry area and not used for a further 3 days.
  • Three days after departure rooms will be service to the same exacting standards as you have come to expect of us here at The Sea Croft
  • Your key will need to be deposited into a plastic bag provided ready for sanitising for the next guest.


  • Your temperature will be checked on entry to the breakfast room
  • It is now law for all staff to wear masks
  • Hands sanitiser will be available to disinfect hands before dining
  • The buffet area and fridge will no longer be in use but you can order the same foods on your order menu and these will be brought to your table
  • Your will receive your pre order breakfast at your chosen time. Once seated this reduces the need for movement until exit
  • The tables are socially distanced to 1m and where possible guests will be seated side to side, back to side or back to back
  • The lounge and dining room doors will both be in use so there will be a controlled flow throughout the dining experience, 1 in and 1 out only.
  • The dining room will be laid out according to government regulations which at the time of writing is 1m plus apart. We also will need to allow for staff safety and movement, guest are requested not to change the layout
  • The chairs and tables will be thoroughly sanitised on departure following the food hygiene guidelines
  • All doors will remain open to reduce touch points
  • It is at the guests discretion whether to wear face masks and gloves during breakfast service. It is however, law to wear one when not eating or drinking
  • All staff will wear masks and gloves during food preparation and potentially during service.
  • All cutlery and crockery will be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher that reaches in excess of 70 c
Evening Dinner
  • Guest will need to give 24 hours notice for evening dinner. Details will be sent to guests in an email with a pre order form which will need to be returned before arrival
  • On Arrival Guests will need to choose their dining time (subject to availability) these will be spaced 15 to 30 minutes apart to help with flow of guests
  • As there may be guests waiting to dine please vacate tables as soon as possible
  • Evening meal is a supplemental charge which will need to be paid in advance
  • Drinks from the bar can be ordered during evening dinner and will be bought to your table
  • Drinks can also be purchased at this time for consumption in guest rooms

Public Areas

  • It is law now that you wear a mask. If you have a medical reason you will need to provide evidence of this. Examples are a note from your doctor. Due to the fines involved we may ask guests to leave if they refuse.
  • It is recommended that guests use passing places to allow other guests to pass at a distance of 1m for example outside room one and the various annexes to the stairs. Where this is not possible passing side to side or back to back is encouraged
  • As part of our daily cleaning regime we will be using an anti viral spray to clean touch points such as banisters, door handles and light switches where necessary. We will also be using an antifogging device throughput the B&B.
  • There will be no access to the toilet on the first floor, all guests will need to use the toilets in their own rooms
  • The lounge area will be out of use temporarily due to the breakfast room being socially distanced. However, guests may still purchase and take away drinks from the bar to be consumed in their room
  • This year we retained our 5 rating for food hygiene so meet current food hygiene regulations
  • In addition to this anyone coming into the kitchen area to prepare food will wear face mask and gloves.
  • We have, throughout the whole of lock down provided hot breakfasts and afternoon tea to the local community and had some glowing reviews on our Facebook page so feel very confident in our offering


  • Guests are encouraged to make use of the hand sanitiser on entry to the premises and frequently wash hands
  • If you are vulnerable please consider booking at another time
  •  If you display any symptoms such as persistent cough, loss of sense of smell or high temperature please notify a member of staff to minimise impact
  • Anyone displaying symptoms will be required to be responsible for bagging laundry in separate plastic bags, return home immediately and self isolate for 14 days. Track and trace information will be made available to the officials that need them in order to prevent further contamination.
  • We recommend you keep your rooms well ventilated throughout your stay
This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to changes and updates as the need arises and as a result of new government guidance. Updated 23rd September 2020

Additional information

If need any further information or you are worried about anything at all please do not hesitate to contact us on 01253 721806