Un Momento

January 27, 2021

Un Momento

“Bringing together the signature dishes of Italy’s most beautiful islands. From the sea, the earth and air, their menu offers the most magical secrets of their food.” ~Un Momento

A little bit different to your usual Italian, it occupies a very special corner of St Annes just off the beaten track, the beauty of it is that it is still within walking distance to the Sea Croft. The difference is the owners passion for the cuisine and customer service

“Peppe the owner has over 20 years of culinary experience and his partner Alessia takes wonderful care of the customers. Exclusive Italian ingredients are carefully selected and cooked traditionally. Sicilian and Sardinian Wines accompany the flavours of quality, fresh cuisine.” ~Un Momento

Great for a special romantic night for 2 or just because….


Contact details:
Tel: 01253 932930
Website: Un Momento