Top 8 things to do in St Annes when it rains

March 29, 2024

Top 8 things to do in St Annes when it rains

Top 8 things to do when it Rains in St Annes

You have booked your accommodation at the best bed and breakfast in the area but forgot to check the weather.

Will it ever stop raining? What is there to do if the weather isn’t playing ball?

It’s official. The wettest winter/spring since the 1800s, but here in St Annes on Sea we are determined to beat the blues, spread some sunshine and guide you through all the things to do if the weather isn’t cracking the flags on your holiday or mini break.


1.      St Annes and Lytham high streets are a fascinating blend of independent shops coffee shops bars and restaurants, so even on a rainy day there is so much to explore, even if you have to duck in and out of the shops. St Annes also has an indoor market, called St Annes Palace Market. A great place to delve into independent traders’ wares and find a bargain! Lytham also has its little ginnel of shops on the high street to shop in the dry!


2.      Lowther Pavilion is our area’s best little theatre, so why not take in a show, if the weather plays ball, explore Lowther Gardens and visit the Bobby Ball memorial statue. Whilst we are on the show theme visit St Annes own independent cinema. The Island Cinema just a stone’s throw from the Sea Croft has 4 screens showing the very latest releases throughout the day.


3.      Next to the Island Cinema is the YMCA swimming pool/leisure centre, open to the public, so if you don’t fancy getting wet outside you can get soaked in the pool indoors!


4.      Just down the promenade from the pool and cinema is St Annes pier and a separate amusement arcade for the young (and not so young) to keep you amused for hours. All indoors including café, shops, mini bowling and classic Victorian arcades.


5.      Whilst St Annes is not Blackpool, we are actually only 5 miles away, so why not hop on a bus or tram and head up to the bright lights, only 20 minutes away, to visit a wealth of indoor attractions. Blackpool has its own Madame Tussauds, The Sea Life Centre, Ripley’s Believe it or not, Winter Gardens, Blackpool Tower and ballroom, indoor shopping centre the Houndshill, newly opened Imax cinema and “Show Town” Blackpool’s latest museum. You can then return to St Annes for tea in one of the 20+ restaurants.


6.      Halfway between St Annes and Blackpool is Blackpool airport, and one of the best-hidden gems in the airport is Hangar 42 Spitfire Museum. It boasts 5 spitfires, a Hawker Hurricane and a Messerschmidt, plus a large selection of wartime vehicles.


7.      Lytham Hall is an impressive Georgian manor house, which offers guided tours, and has its own café and shop. Situated just outside Lytham town centre, it’s a fantastic place to visit (and it’s where we got married!)


8.      Finally and famously Billy Connoly once said there’s no such thing as bad weather, just wearing the wrong clothes, so grab a coat or brolly, and go explore the beach, the promenade or the fabulous Ashton gardens in St Annes in the knowledge that being on the coast, in 5 minutes it will probably be sunny!!


At the Sea Croft we want you to enjoy your stay come rain or shine, so give us a ring to find out more about any of these attractions, and to book your stay. We can’t wait to see you soon!


Check out our Youtube channel for the full St Annes walking tour. If you would like to see something, subscribe to us and put a note in the comments and our roving reporter Jamie will put it on his schedule! CLICK HERE for details.


So give us a call or hit the book now button to choose your favourite room!

See you here!

Georgina & Jamie x

Lytham Hall

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