Top Tips & reasons for choosing Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

March 14, 2024

Top Tips & reasons for choosing Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Top Tips & Reasons for Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

10 reasons why you should consider choosing to stay at a B&B

The Hospitality sector in the UK is as diverse as the choice of gins in your local pub these days. There is a wide variety of accommodation providers to choose from, but if you are used to staying in hotels and have wondered why people opt instead to stay in B&Bs, then wonder no longer!

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider the humble B&B

  • 1.Homely and welcoming:- This is usually the main reason travellers pick a B&B over a hotel. B&Bs are generally smaller, the accommodation often forming part of the host’s own house or building, which means you will be treated to a very warm personal welcome, and you are often invited to treat the B&B as a ‘home away from home’.
  • 2.Personal service:- As hosts are invested in ensuring you have the best possible stay, you’ll often get service usually reserved for 5-star places at a fraction of the cost. You’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s all part of the service’. Well at a Bed and Breakfast, it is!
  • 3.A slice of the region:- As hosts live in the destination you have chosen, staying at a B&B will allow you to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere of the place. Observe how the locals live, try local dishes (breakfasts but often more as well) and gain valuable insights about places to visit during your stay.
  • 4.Homemade food:- There’s no offsite mass catering in a B&B. All food is usually cooked to order and often locally sourced, so you can benefit from that personal touch. Like your bacon a bit more crispy? No problem. Like your poached eggs just so, not drying out on a hot plate? That’s fine!
  • 5.Support local:- B&Bs are often family-run local businesses, so by staying at a B&B you are directly helping the local economy, rather than feeding the profits of a corporation.
  • 6.Relaxed atmosphere:- Unlike busy hotels, B&Bs tend to cater for a quieter pace of life, allowing you to relax in the lounge or chat with fellow guests to catch up on the day’s exploring. You’re not just a number in a B&B, your enjoyment matters!
  • 7.Solo travellers not forgotten:- Unlike a lot of hotels, B&Bs often have single rooms, so if you are a solo traveller for work or leisure you’ll likely not have to pay single-person supplements, making your budget go further.
  • 8.Unique properties:- There are a wide variety of B&Bs in the UK, from boutique to budget, themed to historic. Often the B&B is as much part of the holiday as the destination!
  • 9.Affordable:- B&Bs often have lower overheads than larger hotel equivalents, and what they may lack in amenities (not so many swimming pools in B&Bs) they make up for in so many other ways including price.
  • 10.A chance to mingle: you ever been to breakfast in a hotel and it’s deathly quiet with everyone on their phones? Not at a B&B. Sometimes guests dine together on a long table, sometimes even in a large kitchen with the host, but if not, and in a dining room with separate tables the atmosphere is usually more relaxed with guests genuinely interested in chatting about their experiences. It’s often said guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends, and that’s not just with the hosts!

So there you have it! 10 reasons why staying at a B&B should be a must on every traveller’s itinerary. 

We love having you stay in our special accommodation, most of you know us personally and our amazing housekeeper Linda who does an amazing job of looking after our accommodation.

So give us a call or hit the book now button to choose your favourite room!

See you here!

Georgina & Jamie x

The Bed & Breakfast Owners

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