St Annes Kite Festival 2023

September 14, 2023

St Annes Kite Festival 2023

Embracing the Sky: A Weekend with Kite Festival Stars at The Sea Croft

Last weekend, Lytham St Annes witnessed a breathtaking spectacle as kite enthusiasts from around the world flocked to our picturesque town for the annual Kite Festival. The Sea Croft Bed Breakfast & Bar had the distinct pleasure of welcoming some of the incredible display teams to our cozy haven. In this blog post, we share the delightful experience of hosting these talented kite flyers and offer a glimpse into the magic of the festival that graced our skies.

A Kite Enthusiast’s Dream Come True

As Fylde Borough Council, in conjunction with the Kite Flyers, orchestrated this magnificent event, we at The Sea Croft Bed Breakfast & Bar had the privilege of accommodating some of the festival’s brightest stars. Our cozy and inviting rooms became the home-away-from-home for these kite enthusiasts, and it was an absolute pleasure to witness their passion and dedication up close.

Meeting the Teams

Our guests included members of the various display teams that graced the festival with their incredible aerial artistry. These talented individuals brought with them not only their impressive kites but also a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm that added a special touch to our establishment.


Spectacular Skies

Throughout the weekend, our guests regaled us with stories of the mesmerizing displays and aerial feats that lit up the skies above Lytham St Annes. From soaring dragons to intricate, synchronised routines, the kites were a sight to behold. The enthusiasm and dedication of these kite flyers were contagious, leaving us with a newfound appreciation for this captivating art form.

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The Promise of 2024

As we bid farewell to our kite-loving guests, we can’t help but look forward to the return of the Kite Festival in 2024. The Sea Croft Bed Breakfast & Bar is excited to once again open its doors to these talented flyers and all festival attendees. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be part of this spectacular event in the years to come. Book now by clicking the link to secure your room for next year.


We are immensely proud to have played a part by accommodating some of the festival’s brightest stars. Their passion, talent, and shared enthusiasm added an extra layer of magic to our charming establishment and enriched breakfast time discussion. As we eagerly await the return of the festival in 2024, we extend an open invitation to all kite enthusiasts and festival-goers to join us for another year of kite-filled wonder at The Sea Croft Bed Breakfast & Bar

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